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Two Different Stories, One Book (Ethan O'Brien & Dr. Sasha Blaskovich)

On episode 81, Erin and I talk to Ethan O'Brien and Dr. Sasha Blaskovich. Although each have unique concussion stories, and followed different paths, the two came together to co-author, "Dr. B's Concussion Breakthrough" (#1 Amazon Best Selling Book)! We discuss their stories, concussion symptoms, Dr. Blaskovich's practice and why they wrote a book together. 

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Episode 74 - Dr. Sasha Blaskovich - Chiropractic Medicine & Assessment

This week on the podcast we are joined by Dr. Sasha Blaskovich, chiropractric doctor and director of The Whiplash and Injury Clinic. Dr. Blaskovich specializes in assess patients with head and neck trauma using the latest functional diagnostic technology. In this episode, he shares with us how his own experiences with post-concussive syndrome led to him dedicating his career to developing objective assessments to help patients get a more accurate diagnosis.

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Dr. Sasha Blaskovich & Ethan O'Brien - Living with Concussion the Natural Way

We had the pleasure of speaking with Dr. Sasha Blaskovich (Dr. B) and Ethan O’Brian, co-authors of “Dr. B’s Concussion Breakthrough: Exploring the Hidden Connection to Neck Injuries and a Simple Guide to Naturally Heal Your Brain” and founders of the Concussion Recovery Kit. Over his career, Dr. B has advised many parents with concussed children, and Ethan has been in their shoes, having experienced ten concussions himself between the ages of eight and nineteen. Together, Dr. B and Ethan share practical strategies for recovering from a concussion naturally, without costly or potentially harmful drugs or surgery. This is a topic I’m very passionate about, and I'm excited to bring you this meaningful discussion.

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104: Breakthrough with Dr. Blaskovich and Ethan O'Brien

Here we go with Episode 104, Terry, the inspiration for the program will join us shortly along with today's guests Dr. Sasha Blaskovich and Ethan O'Brien. Dr. Blaskovich (who also goes by Dr. B) originally met Ethan through treating him. Since then they have teamed up on a few projects which we will visit during the conversation. Dr. B and Ethan are both warriors themselves and have a very good sense as to what people are going through in this community. As the conversation moves along it will be clear to you that Dr. B. has a serious passion for what he does as a long term Chiropractor that specializes in helping those with concussions and whiplash.

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The Local Entrepreneur: Relieving Head and Neck Injuries Through First-Hand Experience with Dr. Sasha Blaskovich

In this episode of The Local Entrepreneur, your host Harrison Lars-Hansen speaks to chiropractor and Director of the Whiplash Clinic, Dr. Sasha Blaskovich. Dr. Blaskovich is one the top authorities on head & neck injuries in Canada. Dr. Blaskovich has helped thousands of patients recover and mitigate chronic pain from whiplash or post-concussion symptoms. Blaskovich's patients include car accident survivors, amateur athletes, and numerous pro athletes from the NHL, NFL, and CFL.

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