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Why Dr. Sasha Blaskovich?

Trusted by people around the world, and having 20+ years of experience

20+ Years of Experience

Dr. Blaskovich has  devoted his career to helping people going through similar problems as he has gone through with his head and neck, and  has focused his continued education and  injuries for more than 20 years.

99% Success Rate

Dr. Blaskovich has helped many professional athletes overcome (or at the very least understand how to manage) their head and neck injuries, including National Hockey League (NHL) players, National Football League (NFL) and Canadian Football League (CFL) players, and Pro Wrestlers.

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Trusted by people around the world, and having 20+ years of experience

Neck Pain

What Makes a Different

Our cross-cultural environment, state-of-the-art treatment and high quality healthcare at affordable cost are some of the many reasons why numerous patients from across the world choose to come to us for some of the most complex treatments during organ transplants and cardiac ailments.


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Dr. Blaskovich has helped me through a plane crash and many hockey related injuries. His dedication to his patients and attention to detail is unlike any other doctor I've met while playing professional hockey in North America and Europe.

Dr. Blaskovich is the best! Super knowledgable and actually listens to your concerns. I have been to Chiro's and Physio's in the past and never had as much success dealing with my pain as I have had going to Dr. Blaskovich.

Dr. Blaskovich is amazing. Extremely knowledgeable and professional. My daughter and I both see him and he is awesome with both the younger and older clients. All the staff working at the clinic are polite and respectful. I highly recommend Dr. B.

The service at this clinic is superb. The owner has a thorough understanding of the science of injuries. Highly recommended.

A doctor that actually goes out of his way to help you and get to the bottom of why you have pain, He’s been a godsend for helping me sort out my issues.

Great people with a great service! They helped me out immensely! I highly recommend Doctor Blaskovich!

I have been using the Whiplash and Injury Clinic for 7 years. They provide top-notch service. I was in a bad car accident and they have really helped me recover from my injuries. They even help recommend at home self care options to encourage further healing. I highly recommend you visit them before you chose a provider.

This place has been a LIFESAVER for me! I am 35 and I have serval areas that need attention, and even have severe arm numbness and pain down my arm. I was told only surgery would fix it, but I tried them just to see. It has been over two years now of no numbness, or pain down my arm. I would highly recommend anyone searching for a chiropractor to start here. They have gone above and beyond to treat me and getting me feeling great again!

Dr Sasha Blaskovitch literally changed my life. After 3 years of chronic back pain and seeing dozens of practicioners, he was the first week actually fixed my back. His deep tissue release was the only thing that enabled my back to find a new normal and stop spasming.

Dr. Blaskovich was the only doctor in Vancouver who diagnosed my C1-C2 instability issue

Dr. Sasha Blaskovich was the only doctor who could successfully examine my upper neck issue through the only Motion X-ray in the province. He correctly diagnosed my Alar/Transverse ligament tear and the whole plethora of neurological symptoms that were ruining my life. Being the curious person I am, I wanted to understand in detail about the upper cervical area and its bio-mechanics and why most conventional neurologists missed this diagnosis. Dr. B. also ordered special upright MRIs that reconfirmed his initial diagnosis, which augmented my understanding and pointed out to the exact ligamentous structures that were torn and had laxity.

I have undergone stem cell treatment in the US following these findings and feel greatly benefited. Still Dr. B. is in regular touch with me about my gradual improvements and I feel blessed to have found such a skillful, honest and helpful doctor who possesses a world of knowledge and yet is so humble. Thank you Dr. B!


Very Pleased With Dr. B. Remote Consult

I‘m a bedbound patient from Germany and I was looking for someone who could do a remote consult to look for Atlantoaxial Instability in my rotational CT images. I heard about Dr. Blaskovich from another patient, who was highly recommending his work. I contacted Dr. Blaskovich over his website and uploaded my images. The image evaluation and summary report was completed within a few days and I received a very thorough report. This report reflected all findings from my CT scans in an extremely detailed form including screenshots of the exact images with measurements and explanations marked on the images.

In conclusion, the report offered an overall interpretation of the pathology and a recommendation how to proceed further. In addition, Dr. Blaskovich answered my follow-up questions thoroughly.

I am very pleased with the level of knowledge, expertise, and care which Dr. Blaskovich provided with his consult service.
It made it much easier to visualize and understand the pathology of my illness and will help me to move forward.

Dr. Blaskovich is one of a kind!

I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Blaskovich early this year after seeing a dozen of specialists.  I came across Dr. Blaskovich one year after my car accident (and multiple misdiagnoses), and I can only wish this would have happened way sooner.

My type of injury (Alar ligament tear and C1-C2 complications) is still very poorly studied and understood by medical professionals nowadays. However, Dr. Blaskovich has the machinery and knowledge to properly diagnose something which has been taking over a year in the public sector.  He is covering all bases, doing so in a very personable manner, with loads of information that he is making very easy to understand.  He is also one of the most kind, caring and empathetic doctors I have ever met.

I’m still in the middle of my journey of getting better, but Dr. Blaskovich has been putting me at ease in this very stressful time.  I’m extremely confident that he can help me and finally hopeful that my quality of life may return as well as making a comeback to my active lifestyle.

Peace of Mind Found

I was rear ended at a red light and suffered from a myriad of injuries, including (but not limited to) chronic neck pain, headaches, dizziness, articulation/speaking problems, focus/concentration problems etc.

For a year I was being treated by others before being referred to Dr. Blaskovich by my family doctor. Dr. Blaskovich was very compassionate and for the first time was able to give me answers to why I was feeling the way I was. He had me do a “Motion X-Ray” in his office and was able to look at all my MRI’s and X-rays and see where the problems lie.

This was reassuring, for once I had answers that made sense. About 7 months into treatments with Dr. Blaskovich, he had made arrangements for myself and a few other patients to attend a facility in New York for a specialized MRI.

This trip proved to be the most valuable. I was able to find out exactly what the problems were, why they were causing my symptoms and get the answers needed to provide my family doctor and all others involved in my recovery and care.

The MOST challenging part to all of this is on the surface and from the outside I look fine, I have no broken bones, no casts, no wheelchair etc. I can walk around and do things (within my limits) and look like a normal, healthy person, however, no one can see what I am feeling on the inside.

The answers I got in New York mirrored those I got from Dr. Blaskovich and more. This diagnosis gave me peace of mind that I wasn’t crazy, that these symptoms were real, and it gave me something tangible to show my care team.

The relief of knowing the problem and why is more valuable than anything. Although my injuries will never repair or heal, I feel so much better knowing the “WHY” now.

If not for Dr. Blaskovich, I would never know the full extent of my injuries or understand why I have the symptoms I have.

Dr. Blaskovich has truly changed my life, and for that I am grateful.

Whiplash Injury – Missed by Medical Specialists for 3 Years – Finally Have Answers!

I can’t thank Dr Blaskovich enough for his understanding and for actually listening to my symptoms and how I was being affected by them so severely. He actually made me feel like what I was saying was valued unlike any other doctor I have seen.

3 years ago I was in a heavy equipment accident and was told I would be sore for a few days but nothing major was wrong. I believed them as they are the professionals right?! Wrong! 3 years later I am suffering more than ever even after multiple attempts at reaching out to different types of therapy. I have undergone injections and even seen a neurosurgeon who told me there was absolutely nothing wrong with me.

I was lost, and feeling completely helpless as my symptoms were worsening… severe headaches, irritability, depression, anxiety; my neck was aching all the time, but told nothing is wrong. I found Dr. Blaskovich in a desperate search online for anybody that might have different approaches at this type of thing and so I made an appointment. We did the Motion X-rays and found I have major instability in my upper neck!!The ligaments had been compromised by the severe force of the accident and whiplash that had happened during the time of the incident.

Dr. Blaskovich explained with such detail and understanding that I had finally found a piece of the puzzle that had been missing for so long!
I finally had an answer that made sense!! No prescription written, no telling me that it’s all in my head as told so many times by others! A true reason as to why I was feeling the way I was!

I can’t thank Dr. Blaskovich enough for his care! If you have Head and/or Neck symptoms that nobody can seem to figure out I would highly recommend this office!!

Hit by drunk driver = whiplash injury

Well, I’ll start by saying I got hit by a drunk driver in 2008, but it took 14 months for the symptoms to hit, and once they hit they never stopped, and now it’s 11 years later.
Our medical system has been inadequate to find out anything about how things got so bad in 2016.

I had to leave work due to vertigo, blurred vision, crushing headaches, pins and needles on the top of the head, “baseball bat to the back of the head” nerve pain pain everywhere. I started researching.

I came across Sasha (Dr. B.), jumped on a plane, and crossed half way across the country the next day. Within 10 minutes of meeting him, he found my problem. It was very emotional for me, because back in Winnipeg they just said I was crazy. I’ve never been sick a day in my life, so I knew I’m not crazy, so I made it my mission to find out what’s wrong. Not only was Sasha there for me, but he continued to talk to me for at least 2 years texting me daily. What medical professional ever does that?!

Then, he got me in to meet the inventor of the MRI in New York City, who uses the upright MRI and does cerebral spinal fluid flow testing. That’s the problem with almost everybody.

The ligament damage from whiplash trauma, leading to spinal instability, and then bulging discs. All this damage is blocking the flow to the brain fluid, causing all those symptoms due to increased brain fluid pressure and therefore brain compression.

You HAVE TO start with the Motion X-ray with Dr. B., which reveals the ligament damage. You start from there, and knowing what’s wrong is the first step. The rest doesn’t get any easier because of the medical system, but Sasha has been a continued source of support.

I spent a third of my life very unwell, with a complex range of pain and neurological symptoms. I felt lost and misunderstood by a medical system who was unable to assess, address, or give me insight to the root of what I was experiencing.  


Prior to this, I knew a few key pieces.  I’d been rear ended in a highway accident and was knocked out.  I had some injuries resulting in an acquired brain injury, inner ear damage, soft tissue damage, and thoracic outlet syndrome.  I regularly worked with allied care: physio, acupuncture, massage, vestibular therapy and developed a daily regimen that helped me manage some aspects of my symptoms, but I was never able to gain or sustain a meaningful improvement in my life and function.  


Two years ago, my health took a sudden turn, and I experienced a sudden escalation of symptoms further impacting my: vision, balance, coordination, cognition, speech, heart rate, auditory processing, and experienced episodes of partial paralysis.  In the decade prior, as a result of my accident, I coped by using daily strategies including tools for pacing and prioritizing, and maintained weekly treatments.  These methods enabled me to participate in some small aspects of life before my symptoms would compound and leave me bedridden.  Now, over a decade later I couldn’t begin to understand what changed and why the foundation I thought I had built, although highly limited and delicate, was pulled from under me.  This rapid decline in my health had me again needing answers and direction from our provincial healthcare system.  I was referred to specialists in Stroke, Ears, Nose and Throat, a Physiatrist, a Headache Clinic, and two Neurologists. As my symptoms worsened, I’d see one specialist and receive a poorly fitting diagnosis before referring me to the next specialist.  I was prescribed various medications, some with side effects that would amplify my baseline symptoms.  I had MRIs and CTs. I was told there was inflammation in vessels providing blood to my brain but then it was immediately brushed off as, “maybe I was just born like that”.  The more doctors I saw the more I felt vulnerable, misunderstood, and that I had too many symptoms for specialties that were so compartmentalized in their approach.  I was desperate to improve, and although I craved true wellness, I felt anxious to at least get well enough that I didn’t need to include specialists and a medical system that couldn’t seem to understand patients with complex health and symptoms like me.  


During these same two years, I started working with a private visual specialist whose expertise was working with brain injuries and visual rehabilitation.  As we worked together, he began to notice that there was something unusual about the impacts on my sight and function that was limiting our ability to make progress.  Fortunately, this vision specialist had heard of and referred other patients like myself to Dr. Blaskovich’s practice.  After working with so many practitioners with so little results, I was hesitant to once again invest physically, emotionally, and financially.  I was anxious that I would again be imaged and assessed, only to gain crumbs of answers, while adding yet another diagnosis I didn’t quite fit into and leaving me with even more questions.  I ultimately decided to go ahead because of the trust I had developed with my referring doctor and in turn the trust he had developed through his patients’ positive experiences with Dr. Blaskovich’s practice. 


I am so grateful that I took the chance and had my assessment and imaging done with Dr. Blaskovich.  To have that initial imaging, context, and a science-based diagnosis that finally fit, gave me a meaningful understanding on how such a wide variety of neurological symptoms were interconnected.  It was invaluable to be able to finally diagnose and discover how CCI and AAI were impacting me, and to learn how my treatments and daily care strategies needed to be approached differently with that knowledge.  It was life changing to begin to understand the legitimate biomechanical reasons that my health was impacted in these ways and to be able to start shedding the pain and shame related to living with a misidentified chronic health condition for the past fourteen years. 


After 7 months of working with Dr. Blaskovich I can wholeheartedly say that he is an exceptionally compassionate, dedicated, and knowledgeable professional.  He goes above and beyond to understand, support, and educate.  He has worked extraordinarily hard to advocate for me and the additional medical needs I’ve had related to the severity of my AAI.  I am so grateful for the medical practice and positive reputation he has built, and it is because of that I was fortunate enough to be referred to his clinic.  I would highly recommend Dr. Blaskovich.

I had a history of a cervical spine compression and multiple concussions preceding a motor vehicle accident in Dec 2020. I sustained severe whiplash and a concussion, and it abruptly changed my life. Over the next two years I would experience severe cognitive and emotional challenges, vision problems, balance and coordination issues, fully-body spasms, seizures, loss of sensation and strength in my limbs, constant nausea, severe weight loss, light and sound sensitivity, headaches and headpressure, loss of body temperature control, difficulty swallowing and speaking, breathing and heart troubles, syncope, bowel and urinary incontinence, and severe pain.

My family encouraged me to listen to Dr. B's concussion book in audio form (after many doctors and neurologists failed to address my deteriorating health). It gave me hope, Dr. B and I connected by email, and I sent all my medical imaging remotely for review. His expertise found problems missed by the medical system in Alberta, and we flew to BC to have a DMX. We did the assessment and his explanations made perfect sense with what I was experiencing. He then arranged a special 3T MRI. This identified a ruptured right alar ligament (in addition to other ligament damage identified on his Digital Motion X-ray), and this discovery came about the time my health improved, and then rapidly declined with the trial of an aspen collar. Dr. B continued to check in on me, and was instrumental in connecting me with a world renown neurosurgeon. After local neurosurgeons rejected my GP's referral, I travelled to India and underwent C1-C2 cervical spine fusion. I experienced immediate relief of most of my neurological problems. Unbelievable!

Dr. B was also one of the first to contact me after my surgery to check on my status. I strongly believe I would have had a short and miserable life without the help from Dr. B. His devotion to helping people, expertise, thoughtfulness, honesty and determination is a rarity. If your in a rough place like I was-you want an advocate and therapist like this man. Thank you again Dr. Blaskovich!

Dr. Blaskovich is a very knowledgeable and compassionate chiropractor. He is very intelligent and has written a couple of books to help his clients. I hesitated in getting the motion Xray due to the cost but it was well worth it as it provided me with information on how best to care for my injury and what not to do. Dr. Blaskovich works with his heart and his mind. I am grateful to him for helping me on my healing journey.


Upper neck instability refers to an excessive movement of the vertebrae in the neck due to ligament injuries caused by trauma. When these vertebrae move beyond their normal range, the muscles attached to them get stretched more than they should, leading to involuntary contractions. This over-activity of the muscles results in pain, weakness, stiffness, and trigger points, which are universally recognized as pain generators.

Trigger points can be relieved through various approaches, both invasive and non-invasive. Regular and diligent self-treatment, such as using a device to target trigger points, can provide relief. However, the specific muscles to be treated should be determined through a detailed motion X-ray examination of the neck, especially in the case of upper cervical instability. Identifying and treating the precise areas of instability can lead to significant results with less effort. Proper diagnosis of upper cervical instability is crucial in order to receive the most effective treatment, whether at home or in a clinical setting.


As a head and neck injury specialist, I treat a wide range of injuries and conditions that affect the head and neck region. This includes injuries resulting from accidents, sports activities, falls, trauma, and various medical conditions. Some common head and neck injuries I address include concussions, whiplash, fractures, soft tissue injuries, nerve damage, and neck sprains. My expertise extends to diagnosing, treating, and managing these injuries to promote optimal recovery and improve the overall well-being of my patients.


Treatment options for head and neck injuries vary depending on the specific injury and its severity. Non-surgical approaches are commonly employed, such as rest, pain management techniques, physical therapy, rehabilitative exercises, and the use of orthotic devices or supports. Treatment plans are personalized to the individual, considering factors like the type and severity of the injury, overall health, and recovery goals. The aim is to provide comprehensive care and facilitate healing and recovery.

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